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Fine Art Printing Giclee Papers

At Swansea Fine Art Printing we offer the following Fine Art papers which all meet the standards of the ArtSure scheme for quality and longevity:

FB Gold Silk

FB Gold Silk

FB Gold Silk has a sumptuous silk/satin finish on a fine art heavyweight base of 315gsm.

The inkjet paper has been developed with a natural, warm base tint to emulate the surface finish, texture and coating of the old Ilford Galerie Gold Fibre Silk which recently ceased production, making it the perfect choice as its replacement.

In order to match traditional darkroom silver halide paper, the smooth coating has been applied directly onto a true baryta layer and fibre base enabling its users to create intense, velvety blacks and creamy whites – the perfect combination for outstanding portraiture and landscape reproductions, whether in monochrome or colour.

FB Matt

FB Matt

This is an ultra smooth, 285gsm acid-free bright white paper with a matt surface, with the feel and appearance of a traditional double weight fibre based paper with similar rigidity.

It has a high gamut volume with pigment inks and emits a low level of metamerism making it a great paper for monochrome images.

Why choose this? A fibre based matt surface designed with a high quality double weight feel and appearance. Another paper which has all the required credentials for a monochrome specialist. This superb matt fibre paper is the perfect matt alternative to conventional silver-halide darkroom paper. When printing modern art or landscape the Fibre Base Matt fits the bill nicely.

Omega-Rag 310

Omega Rag

A 100% smooth cotton rag media with an acid free enhanced white base.

The 310gsm highly calendered smooth surface has greater rigidity and holds high-key colours to an exceptional standard. Maximum black, low metamerism and high gamut volume make this a paper suitable for a wide range of applications.

Why choose this? Suited for landscape and portraiture photographers who intend to work with a heavyweight, high white and smooth surface that can re-create complex colours and deep blacks without compromise. Works extremely well with images that have a lot of detail and shadow, retaining a wide colour spectrum and replicates image vibrancy whether you are working in colour or black and white.

Museum-Heritage 310

Museum Heritage

The NEW Museum Heritage has been developed in co-operation with high quality image reproduction labs to ensure it delivers the maximum structure where ink can reside and be retained making it the toughest art surface the world has seen to date.

This is a 310gsm natural white art paper with a Ph neutral base that is delicately textured. Produced from a mix of cotton and Alpha Cellulose which give a soft feel while retaining the rigidity the art printing and framing makers demand. Museum Heritage 310 benefits from a wide gamut volume with low colour error, and promise to become an iconic addition to the range.

Neptune Artistic Matt 400 canvas

Neptune Artistic Matt 400 canvas

A single-sided, 100% cotton base inkjet canvas with a natural warm ivory surface, ideal for colour and black & white reproductions.

The textured base weighs in at 400gsm and the special ink-receiving matt coating is water resistant and tough, making it a suitable canvas for printing watercolour, wildlife or artistic impressions.

The real canvas structure base has been manufactured with random and uneven cotton fabric content - perfect for anyone looking for a inconsistent inkjet canvas finish with a natural appearance. Excellent with dye and pigment inks.

A canvas that it is not only flexible (non cracking) in use, but ideal for stretching over and around stretcher bars, enabling the creation of a traditional or contemporary boxed frame canvas. Due to the natural cotton base, the surface consistency will purposely vary.


Neptune Artistic Matt 400 canvas


An Oyster/Pearl surface with a 271gsm photographic weight, texture and finish.

Manufactured to be the whitest base Oyster/Pearl paper on the market with its instant dry, resin coated surface and a UV protected microporus supercoat.

It has a high degree of water and fade resistance and works perfectly with dye and pigment inks.

The exceptional demonstration of all colours and tones makes this product suitable for both colour and monochrome images.



A premium glossy photo paper ideal for the special occasions and treasured memories.

Delivers photos that are durable, smooth, bright and glossy that are suitable for photo albums, picture frames or wall displays.